What did it make you feel, Charmagne?

…It made me feel…Sheeit, Todd. You a fag. It made me feel like a woman. But like a real woman, you know, Todd? Y’all know what I’m talking about? Sheeit, y’all know what I’m talking about. That motherfucker over there does! Bwah! What? You want me to keep going, Todd? A’ight. I’ll keep running this mouth o’ mine…Most of y’all know this shit already, but my old boy got busted selling pills. He was a big time playa, or at least his dumb ass thought he was. I used to pop so many fucking pills, I lost time, ya know? I lost time. I lost months, man, fucking years. Shit was like smeared, ya know? Smeared like…crayons, or something. I couldn’t see, sheeit, didn’t want to. Couldn’t feel shit. Fuck. When my old boy got busted, they hung me up and dried me out. Took my fucking kids….Sheeit. Forgot. I fucking forget I had…I fucking forgot…Sheeit. Are we cool, Todd? My fucking mouth is getting dry. Is it hot in here?

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